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an extravagant sham

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21st June 2006

10:06am: Andalucia, Spain

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Chiclana in the distance, my town
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Wild monkey on Gibraltar, Africa in the distance
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Looking towards Africa
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And lots of this!

15th December 2005

5:38pm: watson's neck/tied 'round my neck

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I take the mysticism out of my work. 

(muffled kicking of self)

9th September 2005


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The Spectacle, 20x24, acrylic and oil

Poor resolution, but the best I have for now.

I know you cannot see it well.  Neither can I. 

But I'll save my commentary for later.

1st September 2005

5:17pm: first freezeCollapse )

31st August 2005



tilda swintonCollapse )

27th July 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Do you have a paper you could give us about yourself, like a resume?"

"All I have is this empty envelope."

Gray tweed sitting on the cold, stone bench in the lobby taps a foot gently, keeping time with her pounding heart.  The man across the room at the desk stares at the sunlight spilling soft liquid patterns on her hair, follows the curve of her leg down to the tapping foot.  Our eyes could shut, stretched out on the cold slab, a sacrificial gesture dating back to Stonehenge.


24th July 2005

8:08pm: An Appetizer

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I typically don't like to show unfinished work.  I thought it might be interesting to see what the painting looks like now and then compare when I post the finished in a few days. This is actually a cropped shot, as there are about eight or nine people.  The canvas is about three feet by four feet.  I hate this formality, though I had better keep it up if this is going to be a proper sham.  I promise to accompany the finished piece with something vague or poetic.

23rd July 2005

6:24pm: for entertainment purposes only

I still have to set up a photobucket account unless anyone can suggest a better provider.  Sorry for the delay in getting some work posted. 

Current Mood: conflicted

22nd July 2005

2:14pm: The meaning of life
This journal will serve mostly as an outlet to showcase my art and to drown in your criticism (or bathe in your praise). You know me, so add me.
Current Mood: ambitious
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